Paris Touristique


A few weeks ago, I toured my family friends around Paris. They were here on a day trip from the UK, and I did my best to give la Ville Lumière a fighting chance in the centuries-old London-Paris rivalry.

For all of the romantic clichés, you can’t expect fall in love with Paris in just one day. (especially when the better part of those 24 hours is spent in crowded museums and tourist traps by the Eiffel Tower or along the Champs-Elysées). Yes, these sites are beautiful and iconic: incontestable must-sees. But there is more – so much more – of Paris that I wish all tourists could enjoy.

It was as though I was introducing my friends to a new boyfriend. Desperate to make a good impression, I finished the tour in the lesser-tracked neighborhood of Montmartre. Sunset over the Sacre-Coeur. Dusk falling over cobblestone. The distant sound of an accordion.  La Vie Bohème.




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