That AM Sound


Also known as the Soundtrack of Commonwealth Avenue.

Take a sip of your soul and it sounds like – wet-haired silence in front of a mirror. This is a mixtape for me at age 18. A parting gift along with a blessing: may your skin be spotless and your stories plentiful.

Spilling drinks on my settee – she trudges down Comm Ave half-dazed, thinking herself to be in love with her new best friend because oh, happy day, what a lovely storyline that would make. New city, new songs, new vocabulary. Nocturnal confessions: the album wills it to be true.

I want it all – after what feels like two decades of dormant sleep, she imbibes on everything life has to offer her. The downs, buried in a closet so her roommate won’t hear. The ups, slow motion on the dance floor, something out of a music video. Those moments, the splendid happy few.

Breathing in the dust – because anything is easier – even sucking on someone’s shadow – than finding your own air.

Come on, come on, before the moment’s gone – she’s trying on new skins, shutting windows. Staggering under the weight of moments with someone who was never really there.


S. Bansil


In a nostalgic mood. Here’s a tribute to the Arctic Monkeys for accompanying me throughout my freshman year of college.


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