Prague: Off the Beaten Path


For my first venture into Eastern Europe, I couldn’t have picked a better city. Prague is rich in both culture and history. Once governed by Bohemian kings, followed by the Nazis and the Soviet Union in more recent decades, the city is now the crowning glory of the Czech Republic.

Although I was freezing more than half the time, Prague was absolutely breathtaking under a blanket of snow. Czech cuisine, with its hearty soups and meat dishes, was all I needed to warm after a day spent in the cold. I enjoyed the main sites: Old Town Square, the Charles Bridge, and Prague Castle. However, I found that the best things Prague had to offer were off the beaten path.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1.The Spanish Synagogue


2. The View from Vyšehrad


3. Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul


For when you get hungry:

Buyer beware:
In Prague, you pay in Czech crowns and everything is cheap compared to other European cities. However, be careful where you withdraw your money. Some ATMs suggest that you withdraw values with an added zero at the end. For those of us who aren’t used to the currency, you can end up withdrawing 10x more than your intended amount. You can always change the cash back to your regular currency, but you’ll end up losing some money with the exchange rate (something we learned the hard way).



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