3 Travel Bloggers You Should be Following (if you aren’t already)

WordPress, it’s been a while. Life is hectic, busy, and beautiful. Life makes it extremely difficult to find the time to write. As I put some of my own personal projects to the side, let me shine the light on some bloggers who have inspired me to (perhaps) one day, start a travel blog of my own.

1. Shut Up and Go

Damon and Jo make traveling seem affordable, accessible, and real. Stop dreaming – just get out there and explore! Their blog and Youtube Channel features practical tips ranging from how to order coffee in another country and how to book cheap flights. I personally get a kick out of their French vocab videos. Damon and Jo are a dynamic duo with infectious energy. Check them out even if travel isn’t currently on your radar because they’re sure to make you laugh.


2. Lost In Cheeseland

Lindsey Tramuta, a Paris-based food & travel writer (and an alumni of my study abroad program!) should be an inspiration to us all. She makes me want to try all the coffee shops, sample all the pâtisseries, and freelance my way to fame. I periodically stalk her Insta (@LostNCheeseland) for recommendations the next time I find myself in Paris. Lindsey, please teach me how to have a life like yours.


3. The Pin the Map Project

Founded by Nicky Vargas, the Pin the Map project transports you all over the world. The blog features ideas for destinations, solo and budget travel tips, as well as insight into the art of travel blogging. All explorers should make the Pin the Map Project their first stop on their to-do list – because a bit of planning makes for an unforgettable adventure.


With YouTube and Instagram and all the information in the world at your fingertips, traveling has never been more accessible (nor has it been more shareable). Travel blogs exist to share stories, as well as to encourage people to share their own.

If these bloggers have taught me anything, it’s that wanderlust doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. There’s an entire world out there. Don’t just sit there. Explore.




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