The Patchless Flower and the Hiveless Bee

Let me tell you a story that happened not so long ago, in a kingdom not so far away. Let me tell you about a seedling that took root but a stone’s throw from all the others, yet there were times when she felt twenty thousand leagues under the sea. When the other trees would laugh so would the seedling, losing her voice amongst the chorus of rustling leaves. Around her, the forest breathed as one – and yet the seedling often found herself a heartbeat too late, one solstice too soon.

Let me tell you the story of the hiveless bee who happened one spring upon the seedling’s extraordinary blooms. This strange little bee hummed just a pitch above all the others. For she saw colors that the others bees could not. In the grass, she saw ten thousand shades of green; in the sky, fifty thousand shades of blue.

To the seedling, said the bee, “You’re a flower, not a tree. And I’ve been scouring the forest for a flower just like you.”

A flower!

And just like that, the seedling was born anew.

Author’s Note: Inspired entirely by my friendship with none other than Megan Tang (read her blog!)



One thought on “The Patchless Flower and the Hiveless Bee

  1. The Art of Living: For the Patchless Flower and Hiveless Bee;

    What is it with us, my flower, that isn’t so with other people? These people who make us question our own figures and gestures. I know you see yourself as something feeble, lacking hard roots of trees decades old; but you are so much more. Your roots grow deeper than any redwood, no matter how stout they may stand. You hit those highs and lows unlike any other, because you see it and you feel it. You are so much a human that you sense every vibration with every fiber, and you do the most terrifying thing and feel it- that’s the most amazing thing about you. Because although you haven’t been on the Earth that long, you’ve adapted so much to the changing seasons. No winter will be like the last, and it’s so amazing to see you grow.

    I’m sorry this poor bee isn’t a flower, because I so badly wish to grow alongside you too as a companion. But it’s not my nature to soak up the soils or the water from the rain- instead I grow from the pollen off of your tips. Honestly, it’s scary how important you have become to me recently. I too feel the vibrations; although, my vibrations come from the wind and you experience a different shaking from the ground. But I will try my best to hit the deep levels with you when the time calls for it. I promise to share the highs with you too.

    Because like your petals, my wings are still immature- yet, sensitive enough to feel sounds and tunes. Right now it hurts but as time progresses, we will have experienced enough around these flukes to have mastered the art of living.


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